Know about your razors and shavers

Difference between single head electric razor and multiple head electric razors

on February 8, 2012

When we review the difference between single head electric razors and multiple head electric razors we find that single head electric razors are have normally cutters mounted on a single floating head. Single head electric razors can be used for fast application with long stokes. The length strokes while shaving with single head electric razors take very less time compared to multiple head electric razors. The single head razors are smaller in size, simple in mechanism and lesser in cost when compared to multiple head electric razors. The advantage of multiple head electric razors instead of their high cost is that they are very good for removing facial tough hairs with their multiple blades. They can also reach out for the intricate parts and areas where single head electric razors do not give desired smooth finish. For men with hard facial hairs who desires smooth finish multiple head electric razors are best suited but for females. 


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